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Hiya, My name is Weasel and I’m the managing editor of a Lit Magazine called Vagabonds. I’m also the Assistant Editor for another magazine that just popped onto the scene called Open Mind. My main project, Vagabonds is currently not open for submissions until June 17, 2013, however Open Mind is open and taking submissions until June 4, 2013. Open Mind. Open Mind is still calling for submissions. We want to create one giant blurb of consciousness through small shot-gun blasts on each page. This is otherwise known as cigarette smoke, dirty words and everything in between. Basically, Open Mind wants artists that are driven with style. We want work that will move the viewers from within; images that are subtle, bizarre, Pop Art, Gothic, black and white vintage, subliminal, rebellious, revolting, vibrant with curves, and innovation. But overall abstract. All submissions are permitted, except pornographic or obscene photos. Nudity is accepted in a professional manner and if it has a deeper artistic meaning than just physical nudity.

For writing, we’re looking for “ideas of the magazine would be those ideas, that gift that we as writers have, that necessarily doesn’t fit the theme of a body of work. Such as unfinished poetry that comes to you as an inspiration and the next day you come back to it, you ask yourself “what was I thinking” I want it to be mini-explosions of randomness, abstract.”

Each Contributor is limited to 10 total submissions.

Photographs and Artwork: We do accept digital artwork and photographs; Images can be sent in either black and white or in color. Please note that we are working with a publishing space of 6×9 and would appreciate it if the images could fit that paper space. If not, images will be scaled down if necessary. If the image cannot be scaled down and it does not meet our paper size we cannot place it in the anthology.

Short Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction: We have limited space and cannot afford to publish larger fiction pieces. We are looking for short works, works that are under 1000 words or less per submission.

Poetry: We don’t have a line length for poetry, but we do ask that the poem is kept under a full, legal size paper (8.5x11). Please note that we are working with a 6×9 paper size and would prefer all submissions fit into that space. If your poem does not fit the space and you get chosen, we will ask you briefly if the work can be changed. If not, or no answer is received we will not be able to publish the work. All forms of poetry are accepted!

Our Deadline is June 4, 2013. When submitting, please include a brief summary as to why you selected the works being submitted. Please note that we will not accept previously published material, or simultaneous submissions.

Please submit all work in these formats listed:
For Written work: .DOC .RTF .DOCX
Images: JPEG/JPG or PNG
All work must be submitted in attachments of the email.

Contact us at:


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